College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

The mission of the Institute’s College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is to provide a top-notch education that prepares a student for life and career.  As one of the teaching units in the Institute of Agriculture, we are responsible for providing student-centered educational programs where students are given the tools necessary to gain knowledge, critically think and take responsibility for their education.

As we prepare students for careers in agriculture, natural resources and other arenas, our programs must provide a strong educational base of discipline knowledge, and an understanding of leadership and human experience, a global perspective and ability to communicate effectively.  We accomplish this by building upon classroom instruction extended to experiential learning in which the student applies knowledge gained, critical thinking and analytical skills.

To continue our efforts to offer a top-notch curricula coupled with an outstanding college experience, we need your support.  We look to our community of alumni and friends to provide for student scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate levels, support opportunities for clubs and organizations to participate in regional and national competitions, give students the opportunity to become more globally competent, and continue to improve and enhance technology to improve the quality and value of our students’ educations.  Thank you for considering an investment today.

With warm regards,

Caula Beyl
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources