One hundred and thirty-five years ago when the Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station was established by the University of Tennessee, 80 percent or more of the United States' population lived on farms. Efficiency of farm production was relatively low with each family producing only enough food and fiber to meet their needs and a fraction of the needs of one other family. Agricultural research helped insure these needs were met in a relevant and responsive manner.

Today we are still relevant and responsive to meet the needs of our constituents. With the challenge of a growing and more complex population, the University of Tennessee, Institute of Agriculture's AgResearch unit is anchored by over 150 faculty in seven academic departments conducting cutting-edge, science-based research with the support from ten research and education centers strategically located throughout the state. Our faculty advance science in agriculture and food systems, natural resource management, and family and community sciences in real-world environments.

We do this through the discovery of new knowledge, the innovation of these discoveries into new products and processes, and the application of these innovations to the public. The results of applied AgResearch efforts improve the quality of life for all Tennesseans, as well as many needs globally, by providing plentiful and affordable food and fiber products, discovering new and enhanced methods to address soil, water, air and wildlife issues, and being the science base for the benefit of our society…just like we've always done.

To be relevant and responsive, we look to our community of constituents for support. Thank you for considering an investment today.

With warm regards,

Bill Brown
Dean for Research & Director
Tennessee Agricultural Experiment Station (AgResearch)